alexandra mckeown

Alexandra grew up in Jacksonville. A graduate of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and UCF, Alexandra has always had a love for the arts, new experiences, and pushing boundaries. With a penchant for bringing out the best in people, she knew she wanted to own a business and be her own boss. After reconnecting with a former classmate, she resettled in Jacksonville and started work on Hyperion Brewing Company. Alexandra brings refreshing, community focused perspective that serves her well as she helms Jacksonville's newest brewery.


troy orton

Troy is a born and raised Jacksonville local. A craftsman at heart, Troy has always preferred using his hands to bring his imagination to life. Whether working in professional kitchens, building theatrical sets or brewing beer, he was never fit for office work. His attention to detail, desire for innovation and love of craft beer push him to produce the variety of styles you'll see offered in the taproom.