Work with our Brew Master to
craft your own Bold, Rebellious Beer
to be served in the Taproom.

Experience the Helios Brewer's Experience


Brew a custom recipe with Hyperion Brewing Company.

Brewery + Dog Event-18.jpg

Enjoy two shift beers just like the members of our team.


A photo of you in action will be posted on Facebook to announce when your custom brew goes on tap at Hyperion.


Brewery + Dog Event-13.jpg

Get two (2) free Crowlers approximately two weeks after your brew day. Crowlers are a 32oz can that can be filled and sealed on-site. Keep it fresh to share or drink later!

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Your recipe will be on tap at Hyperion Brewing Company! Invite your friends and family to the release.


Purchasing for a friend?

Want to buy now and schedule your shift later?


See FAQ below or email us at



Cancellation Policy

The Helios Brewer's Experience is a non-refundable purchase. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel, please reach out to us. We would be happy to transfer your workshop to a friend or family member who will enjoy the brew day in your place. 

Need to reschedule?

We need at least 48 hours notice to properly reschedule a workshop. Any requests to reschedule under 48 hours will be denied. You can reschedule for the next available workshop shift at a later date. 

Is it safe?

Yes it is! You will be operating our brewery equipment under the guidance of our professional brew staff. The room is hot and the floor can get wet. We encourage you to wear non-slip boots and comfortable clothes. 

How long is a brew day?

A typical shift lasts between 4 1/2 - 5 hours. The only thing we start without you is bringing the water to temperature...because who really wants to sit and watch water heat up?