Inspire Creativity, Inspire Change

When Alyce Rogers, a current student of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, requested to interview our owner Alexandra McKeown, former Douglas Anderson student, for a school project it was met with a resounding "yes!" 

Hyperion Brewing Company was built from a passion to be creative on a daily basis and to share an experience with its' patrons. Each time you visit the taproom we want you to try something new, innovative, or bizarre. We enjoy recreating old traditions or brews that aren't always produced in other breweries. Our mission is to brew bold, rebellious beers that are inspired from our team's creativity or from your creativity. Want to see something brewed? All you have to do is ask and Hyperion delivers. 

Our brewery was designed to be the local neighborhood bar, to build it's roots in a community where company and neighborhood create a new identity together. Historic Springfield deserves the commercial renaissance that is currently being fueled by new businesses, like Hyperion, moving into the area. Our owner, Alexandra, and the team at Hyperion are proud to be a part of the change brewing in Springfield. 

Current Douglas Anderson School of the Arts videography student, Alyce Rogers, interviews Douglas Anderson alumni, Alexandra McKeown, Owner of Hyperion Brewing Company