Gastrofest 2016

"GastroJax is a 501c3 organization whose mission is to foster and preserve local cuisine, educating the public about local food and beverage sources, local restaurants and North Florida dishes."

Hyperion Brewing Co. was tapped by the good folks at GastroJax to hold a workshop at this years GastroFest. Hyperion's Head Brewer, Troy, was joined by Kevin Burns, Co-Owner of Beer:30 San Marco. Together they reviewed the origins of craft beer, how its made and their own experiences opening local businesses that serve the craft beer community. Throughout the presentation, they answered questions from the crowd. The workshop became an interactive dialogue between Kevin, Troy and the attendees. 

Prior to the workshop, Hyperion served samples of one of its newest brews, a Guava Shandy. It's an English pale ale mixed with fresh guava soda. Light, sweet, and fresh.